Best and Top of Everything : Top 10 Smart phones of 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Top 10 Smart phones of 2010

Let us start with some gadgets today :)
The world is running over the wheels of technology. Here I will be providing with the top 10 smart phones in the year 2010. Let us go further and have a look at them.

1. HTC Sprint EVO 4G:-
No other smart phone can stand in front of the specifications offered by HTC Sprint EVO. The first feature to look into is its 4G capability. It has a very powerful processor of 1GHz snapdragon processor. 8MP camera with HD capabilty.

2. Apple iPhone 4:-
Apple Inc. as well know is one of the biggest and most famous company in the market of laptops and Mac OS. The release of Apple iPhone made history by becoming so famous in a short duration. The Apple iPhone 4 is a 3.5 inches wide touch screen with a huge memory of up to 32GB. It has a 5MP camera for HD capability and VGA camera for video calling. Very high battery back up. For details regarding iPhone 4 please visit

3. Samsung Epic 4G:-
Samsung boasts this phone as one of the most powerful phone of 2010 running on Android OS. Epic is so powerful with its 1GHz processor. The display is so cool under the sun, with the super AMOLED display. Dual camera(5MP and VGA).

4. Motorola Droid X:-
This phone from Motorola can't be dropped off the list. Droid X is powered by a 1GHz Processor, running on Android 2.1 OS . It has a 8MP camera for shooting amazing photography.

5. T-Mobile MyTouch 4G:-
T-Mobile has come with a bang with the release of its MyTouch series. MyTouch 4G is powered by 1GHz processor and Android OS. It has 5MP camera with a very good screen resolution 480X800. 

6. HTC Nexus One:-
This is the second most powerful smart phone from HTC. The display resolution is 480x800 pixels and a wide screen of 3.7 inches. The phone is powered by 1GHz snapdragon processor and running on Android. This phone is good enough to take super cool photos with the help of a powerful 5MP camera. This phone looks real beautiful.

7. HTC Droid Incredible:-
As the name goes, this phone is run on an Android version 2.1 with 3.7 inches screen. The screen resolution is 480x800 pixels. This phone has a WVGA AMOLED display.

8. Nokia N8:-
This is the first smart phone from Nokia to run on Symbian^3 OS. Nokia N8 is a powerhouse for its internal memory of 16GB. The 12MP camera of Nokia N8 is so powerful with the combination of Xenon flash, Fash detection, self timer and 720p video capture.

9. Blackberry Torch:-
This smart phone of Blackberry is one of the best to use touch capability. Blackberry torch has all the competitive features to take the spot in top 10 smart phones. It has a QWERTY keyboard, 5MP camera, Quad band 3G, best email capability and WiFi 802.11.

10. Samsung Wave:-
This mobile phone of Samsung is powered by a 1GHz Humming bird processor, this is the same processor which Samsung Galaxy S series has. This is the first mobile with Super AMOLED display. It is running on BADA OS. It has a 5MP camera which is worth equal to 8MP.