Best and Top of Everything : Promote Your Video

Promote Your Video

Nearly every company or individual creating video content is hoping that at least one of their clips will go viral. When a video goes viral, overwhelming interest is developed organically due to constant sharing from viewers. Virool claims to help advertisers get more eyes on their content for very low rates. With many companies trying to sell views by simply scamming producers, it’s important to understand the Virool system before you spend money on it.

Advertising Platform

Unlike companies that claim to send viewers to your Youtube page, Virool offers you a chance to have your ads embedded directly into other content like games and television shows. Viewers see your clips during loading screens. Game designers and website owners can sign up too to make money by mixing your content into their releases. The company claims that their base of partners provides about 750,000 views per day to companies that need greater exposure.

Inexpensive Options

Most companies providing a simple way to share your video advertising to website owners that need a little extra funding charge hundreds of dollars per month for the service. Virool has options starting as low as $10 for individuals and small businesses working on limited budgets. This has made it attractive to thousands of video producers around the world. The company reports that they have more than 30,000 customers working together to spread video advertising across the Internet.

Tailored Results

The best website owners and game designers want ads that match the content of their platform. A game tailored to young girls shouldn’t include ads for shaving cream for men. You can set keywords for each clip you add, allowing the publishers to find videos that match their needs very quickly. This helps you get on more sites during the first few days, increasing your views within just a few hours. Videos must be at least one minute long, giving you plenty of time to create a compelling pitch.

Pay for the Best

Many other advertising connections require you to pay for views regardless of their length. Virool understands that three-second views aren’t very valuable to companies, so they only charge you for the viewers that watch your clip for at least 30 seconds. This helps your budget go much further whilst ensuring you can expect a fairly high level of engagement from your viewers. Virool may be a good option if you are already using social media and other free tools for promoting your content.